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Devils MC



In 1985 one could in no way call our country democratic. It was rather a police state controlled by politics.
Why is this important in the history of the MC? Because this was the time when the community life of our club started!
Our fellowship began at the time we went to high school. The few motor-freeks were characterized by their common interest - nothing but the motor mattered. We met every day, we worked on our motors and knocked around. We spent our money on our motors rather than on food.
Our club faced several times bothering from local authorities: "If you do not stop gathering immediately we will do in everyone!" - we listened to this sentence yet resigned. It was a hard time till the authorities - or rather the whole society - recognized that motor-drivers were not bank robbers aiming at overthrowing the system.
By today the situation has changed radically. If a motor-driver enters a restaurant the waiter steps up to him with pleasure, and the police neither looks at us as a main public enemy any more. We would need nothing but a real interest representation and we would feel as in Canaan. Oh, yeh, and the GDP of our country could also reach its tenfold...
But let's get back to the club. We formed our life without having experience of the lives of any other motor society or motor club from countries with an older motor life. Looking back we should have done a lot of things different but at that time even the film 'Easy Rider' was on the ban list. How should we have had any info?
We worked on our MZs and Jawas, and were anxious how to get a conversion licence. Then we sweated for being able to pay the fine and getting back our registration plate.
It happened that we wanted to get to the Velence-lake. Okay, said one of us at 7 in the evening, but before we have to weld on the clutch of the MZ because it's turning down. We left at midnight and arrived with our 12 motorbikes at 5 in the morning at the waterside. So safe in life and limb was our vehicle fleet. And we went to sleep only so, under the stars.
Of course, we got up to buzzes and when we opened our eyes we already knew the sad thing, namely that we chose the free sand beach for sleeping! They looked at us quite strange.
Then, in 1989-90 the wonder began. One could buy Japanese motorbikes. Anyone would have said something like that five years before - we would have only laughed about it.
Along with forming the motor fleet of the fellows, more important things happened. The club was shaping. Those who did not choose this direction left, and others came who, from a human perspective, we won a lot with.
In 1992 we organized our first meeting. Then in 1994 our first fair and in 1997 the Motor Show took place. By organizing our parties we were lead by that fact that we did not have any kind of parties for ourselves. At the meetings of the Hungarian Motor Association one sounded the retire at 9 in the evening. We couldn't choose but to create ourselves the media where we could amuse ourselves well and without any constraint.
In 1995 we obtained our club house, or to be precise, the place where it is situated. At the place of a tumble-down cottage we created the place where we can gather every evening with the hard physical work of four years. Since then we continously and confidently improve this site.
We possess an exact idea of how a club must be created:
- the club must have at least six members,
- the members must possess high-capacity motorbikes that are reliable on a long term,
- the club must have a multistaged enrolment/membership/application scheme,
- the club must have a club house,
- the club must be united,
- one should be able to represent the club,
- the club must have a regular club meeting.

At present Devils MC has 25 members in three cities (Budapest, Debrecen, Kecskemét), four of them are hangarounds and one prospect. The corporate feeling of the club is still based on our friendship of more than two decades which we are very proud of.
In January 2001 we formed a chapter federation with two domestic motor clubs. Both clubs were set up in 1994. The federation was based on the fact that the two other parties had come very near to us in the years before. The way they thought about life, motor-cycling, club life seemed to be very similar to that of us, and furthermore, certain members were attached severalfold to each other. Thus, as from 31 January 2002 Amigos of Rock'n Road MC in Kecskemét and Holy Gasoline MC in Debrecen became chapters of the Devils MC.
Now we are here. And what are our goals?
We would like to go on with piloting what is good and what is wrong. By the niveau and extent of the parties in Újszilvás we created a mega-party in Central-Europe. It did not start so, it was rather a party by invitation. But the good feeling resulted in today's size.
Through the fair we try to meet a real demand for a little low-season party where you can even buy engine parts - at a very low price!
We consider the Devils Motor Show, i.e. the Hungarian motor building championship a mission! Yes, we have have to show the motor-drivers and motor-constructors of the country that we also have high-standad motor-conversion here, in our country. Even if a converter here spends as much on the whole motorbike than one does on a wheel in the USA or in France.
Since our foundation we have been members of the Hungarian Motorclub Federation (HMCF), and keep the friendship with the Hungarian and also a number of foreign motorclubs. Among the latter the most important for us is the Seventyfour or More Harley Club, we have kept our friendship as from 1992, we meet several times every year, somewhere in Europe, Hungary or at their own place.
The members of the Devils MC are not obliged to have a Harley even if by today two-third of our members circulate with this type. (In the chapter of Kecskemét there are only Harleys!). The number of own-built motors is also high.

Thanks for visiting our website!

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