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Devils MC



   At the beginning of the 90s our club together with hundreds or even thousands of motorriders in the country, who were fed up with the programs of the Hungarian Motor Association, had the wish to meet with those of the same ilk under such conditions which better match us.
After several occasional meetings organized on the roads or on some watersides we consciously started to look for a proper site where we could host all our brothers. We tried it with camping sites, areas belonging to savings cooperatives and at a number of municipalities. At that time everyone abominated motorriders, thus we had to face refusal everywhere. Of course they never told us the real reason but the result was just always the same: We don't want to have hundreds of motorriders amusing themselves here!
Then Gyuri (who has a ground-plot there) run up against the mayor of Újszilvás in the pub. This encounter fundamentally affected our club, Újszilvás and even more motorriders! What happened during the ominous conversation? Tibor Fehér (Mayor) made a statement... but let's cite it by word: "A motor show in Újszilvás? Of course, why not!"
First we didn't believe that we made it, but then we allocated all the tasks and started work. And finally, in the last week of June '92 we sweated there, in the bare land, and hoped to finish by weekend.
The barrenness of the land was first frightening since we had to make everything on our own, there was nothing done. But at the same time we knew that this was also a fortune. We had the opportunity to create its atmosphere on our own, we would not have to adapt it to anything made earlier. We could place the tents, the pub and build the stage wherever we would want to.
Alligator MC arrived already on Thursday. Then, on Friday more and more motors arrived and we were just amazed. It was because we had not even advertised it! We had put out some rumours and flyers here and there and we all had noticed our sports.
We were all together 450 people, and a homely, sociable but after all a colossal party evolved where we did not even bother that the stripper didn't appear. Instead a fellow performed a strip-tease - and he had great success! Who was there, left surely with good feelings. On Sunday when we said goodbye we could be certain that everyone would come the next time, too.
And everyone did so and besides they had let some other brothers know about it. Thanks to the nice memories, in '93 three times as much brothers gathered then one year before. Since then we have formed ourselves and shaped our meeting together with the audience, with you, our brothers, and so this group of some thousand people having the same interest continues to become a social strata with its own culture and habits. It's a great thing that we had the opportunity to take part and form this together with the other "black" motor clubs, our brothers.
Since 1992 motorriders have met several times on the land at Újszilvás. The party continues to take shape. On what can you see that?

Important is: during the twelve years we planted 1300 woods!

Let's have a look at the music bands! We have made up the music repertoir always with special care. We have never chosen from "applying" bands (you may imagine how much there have been) but we have always seen bands that we liked. Here is a list of which we have already invited (and what a great show they made!): Harley Davidson Band, Damned Road, Bomber, Bulldózer, Rat Boys, Black Riders, Blues Company, Bad Times, Cik Cakk Company, Tequila, Carmen, Junkies, Stexas… And of course: Karthago, Irigy hónaljmirigy, Ganxsta Zolee and the Kartel, Deák Bill Gyula and Hobó together, P. Mobil, Beatrice with Nagy Feró, Tankcsapda and Hammerschmitt from Munich!
We have had the opportunity to see great concerts!

The infrastructure: through the years the Bungee Jumping tower has become something like an obvious element from which one can not only jump but also climb up to look around. By doing so you will be just amazed to see the size and stretch of our camp. Just as evident seems to be the lazer show in the evening, the mega-size stage, the facility to dragon flight, one of the biggest beer-booths in the country, the fully professional acoustic engineering and lighting, and that 30 to 40 motor shops appear on the site.
The buffet: Devils Meeting has always had its own means of payment, i.e. the Devils Dollar. Do you know what's the sense of that? First of all, it has its own feeling. And what is even more important and what you may have already discovered: There is no queuing in the Újszilvás buffet. This is largely due to Devils Dollar which is none but only coined in 1, 5 and 10 $ denominations. This makes the buffet operate much quicklier, and thus, it can supply so many people.

We have come to the most important: Everyone comes to Újszilvás!

The number of participants continuously rises, you can find here eveyone (well, if you have patience to search...). Though in the last years it has been only some hundred annually, the reason for that may be that there are no more people going to motor shows. Anyway, in 2000 some 6500* people arrived, and usually we are of that number. We only counted those entering the camp site with motors, since you may know that one can only enter here by a motor. We didn't consider those having fun in the pubs and booths between the village and the camp who may amount to as many again - they did not come by motors.

Have fun by looking at the photos!